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We produced different types of bags with zipp that is desired that could be with or without holes that allow the spillage of air and the reduction of the volume of the packaging.

Save freshness envelop – provide of close zipper for food

Envelops for currier for documents with permanent adhesive

Production of mini zipper in PLT and PPL both neutral or with colored profile

Production zippers of various models

Envelops in PLT and CARTENE both printout or neutral for shops

Envelops with cursor zipper in PLT and PPL

Envelps with double pocket and mini zipper,
politene is proper to contain
medical and pharmaceutical articles

Envelops with mini zipper in PLT and PPL

Zipper in PLT mm 20

Envelops in PLT with zipper with handle and euro hole

Mini zipper in PLT or PPI
of various colour and bicolored

Zipper mm12 in
PLT or PPL or soft PPL

Cursor zipper in PLT and PPL
of various colours

Envelops with mini zipper for freezer

Zipper with handle in PPL

Envelops in PLT and PPL with
reinforcement and euro fustella
do hang open on the bottom with
or without bio adhesive limpet

Envelops with mini zipper
in PLT in different colours

Envelops with cursor zipper
in PLT neutral or colourful

Zipper in PLT clodes with outline

Envelop with cursor zipper in HD
with or without bellows on the bottom

Envelop with mini zipper
with beans fustella

Envelops with handle zipper
of different colours in PPL

Envelops in polipropilene
with mini zipper

Envelops with cursor zipper
in soft PPL

Envelops in PLT or PPL
with colous mini zipper
or bi-colour with euro hole

Coloured envelops small
size minimum mm 50

Envelops with mini zipper
with strengthened side welding

Envelops with zipper
in PPL bi-colour

Envelopes in printed or neutral briefcases
with side bellows and on the bottom

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